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Design Center: Glass Painting

Design Center in Tyre

Funded by UNDP, ART GOLD is based on the development of handicrafts aiming to improve and strengthen the capacity of women and youth in South Lebanon, in order to perpetuate the legacy of craftsmanship and support the development in the region.

Within the framework of ART GOLD program Our Handicraft Workshop brought together and trained dozens of women of all ages from Tyre region for the past 5 years. The Workshop meets Committee’s objectives as to the transmission of cultural heritage and rehabilitation of traditional crafts.

The building and fitting of the Workshop were funded by local donors. The equipment, raw materials and training are funded by UNDP, UNIFIL and AMIDEAST (America-Mideast Educational and Training Services, Inc.).

New techniques in glass blowing and painting, in pottery and pottery decoration, in porcelain painting and jewelry are being taught. This empowers the participants, all beginners, to acquire the required skills to be operational in the market of small craft.

The workshops will build technical cooperation links with European centers specialized in each of these disciplines to enhance the development and competitiveness of local artisanal products. These centers will be required to delegate some of their master craftsmen to participate as instructors in training missions in Tyre at regular intervals.

Once the production quality reaches its desired level, we will establish a local and international distribution chain, through “Artisans du Monde”, museums, shops and specialized fairs.

Design Center: Glass Painting

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