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Atelier de soufflage de verre

Glassblowing Workshop

Phoenicians Unintentionally Discover Glass

"A ship belonging to traders in soda once called here, so the story goes, and they spread out along the shore to make a meal. There were no stones to support their cooking-pots, so they placed lumps of soda from their ship under them. When these became hot and fused with the sand on the beach, streams of an unknown liquid flowed, and this was the origin of glass." (Pliny, 362)

Glass drinking bowls became fashionable in Phoenicia during the 2nd century and increasingly so in the 1st century BC. Phoenician glass-blowers maintained a high standard in blowing techniques all through the Roman period. Their mould-blown vessels of the 1st and 2nd centuries AD have remarkable decorations in relief bearing Greek inscriptions and often of beautiful colors.

Workshops for Traditional Glassblowing
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Atelier de soufflage de verre

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